A Note on Being a Nerd Girl

Be Wonder Woman
Being “Wonder Woman” for Comic-Con 2012

I just read this commentary on this great share where John Green tells heterosexual men/boys:

Gentlemen, nerd girls are the world’s greatest underutilized romantic resource.

While I stand applauding like Agent Tim McGee watching an online stream of a friend’s destination wedding, I am a little down on the stereotypes.

  1. I go to parties.  They’re fun.  I have friends, and they have parties. And hey – sometimes I throw parties too.  But parties are also what you make of them.  I’m my best when I’m hanging out with a max of five people having fantastic conversation, but I also love just sitting at home reading a book as well.  But being a “nerd girl” does not mean you don’t go to parties.
  2. I love dresses.  I have too many of them.  Without dresses, I wouldn’t have had a great Tardis costume.  Why would most nerd girls only wear 1 dress?  Maybe you’re just a girl who doesn’t like dresses.  And that’s cool too.  But I don’t see any kind of correlation to what that has to do with being a nerd.
  3. I completely agree on purses that can carry books.  Never underestimate purses that can hold at least one book.  That is an appreciation rule I appreciate every time I figure out how many books can fit in a purse.
  4. Nerd attire is a choice, but if you have it – wear it.  I have a red Star Wars Celebration track jacket.  How do you not wear that?  And my transit passholder is the coolest –  “Keep Calm, Don’t Blink.”  My favorite T-shirt? “There’s no place like” complete with glittery ruby slippers 😀

What I’m really saying is: Don’t fall into stereotypes – be who you are…and love it.  Unless it’s some kind of dance or gala or something (and maybe even if it is!) – if you don’t want to wear a dress, don’t do it.  And if you do – walk with confidence.  If you have a favorite Buffy or Star Wars shirt and there is a party?  Why not rock it?

Don’t let being a nerd girl dictate who you’re supposed to be or what you’re supposed to love.  I can yell at football games as loudly as I cry when watching Doctor Who.  The best part of being human is that every one of us is different, but there are enough of us nerd people who are the same  that we understand that a) we have great taste in fabulous tv shows, films, and books, and b) we know the wonderful feeling of having some incredible, beautiful, glorious universe suddenly capture our attention and take over our lives.

But most importantly, YOU are an incredible, beautiful, and glorious universe all by yourself wherever you are, whatever you wear, and whoever is lucky enough to spend time with you.