“I wish I had spent more time with you.”

I just wrote this on my friend’s wall: “I wish I had spent more time with you.”

My friend from high school Carolina passed away on Saturday.  I wrote this poem “Star Bright” about remembering her memory, but it was also about not remembering.

But in truth
We rarely crossed paths
And I do not remember
The last time I saw you

I don’t remember the last time I saw her.  Even if someone told me what/when it was, I don’t think I could really confirm that it was the last time.  We interacted online – liking statuses, making comments – and while I’m glad we always stayed connected…it’s not the same, y’know?

But I remember her well and I think that’s important because even though she was so young, it says something about her impact in this world.  It was positive.  She was beautiful.  And I am blessed to have known the brightness of her spirit while she was here with us.