EyeGuide™ Makes Eye Tracking Affordable and Accessible (Video)

Grinbath EyeGuide(TM) LogoGrinbath, a developer of affordable usability and assistive technologies, just released a great overview video of their eye tracking product EyeGuide™.**  The product that released today is a complete suite including hardware, capture software, and analyze software.  Best of all, it’s under $1500.



Eye tracking technologies can be extremely expensive, making it inaccessible to those looking to broaden their understanding of user behavior and actions.  EyeGuide™’s under $1500 price tag (with additional discounts for multi-unit, education, government, and non-profit) creates a more feasible and affordable reality for everyone.  A few other bonuses:

  • The system works with people wearing glasses, kids, and older adults.
  • It is also the only product that currently runs on both PC and Mac platforms.

After sharing this video on my Google Plus account, my web designer friend Hyemin noted:

I like that it doesn’t rely on users’ ability to recall their recent actions in getting feedback on usability; it records their actions as they happen.

Capturing data and being able to analyze different outputs provides vital information in improving and understanding user behavior, particularly, behavior that may be beyond a user’s own perception.  EyeGuide™’s FAQ indicates a broad audience that can use eye tracking technology – “software companies, marketing and advertising professionals, web designers, educators, psychologists, usability researchers, even doctors.”

I’m pretty excited to see where this will take web design specifically, given the impact that it might have across a number of fields I work in – e-government, public arts, marketing, etc.  The more we understand about the user experience, the better usability we can implement.


**Yes, my website is featured on this video.