#30DaysofGood: The Recap aka “June was Delicious” (Photos)

IMG_3729So I made it!  Yes, there was that Los Angeles Magazine party incident and the Vitameatavegamin undoing, but I learned a little something about food consciousness/fast food consciousness and GOOD even featured/reblogged one of my food photos on tumblr!

In the end, I think I realized that being a vegetarian for 30 days (give or take) was not bad at all, but actually pretty great.

  • I felt better.
  • I cooked more.
  • I thought about what I ate.
  • I explored LA from a different angle.

I think those statements are helped by being in Los Angeles, a place where a number of restaurants provide you with vegetarian alternatives and plenty of places where it’s also their specialty.

Most of all, I have also accumulated a ton of photographic evidence that a vegetarian diet can be a beautiful and delicious experience!  See slideshow below or click here for my Flickr set.


For any interested parties (who don’t follow me on Twitter), my first non-veggie meal after this adventure was a rib eye steak from Morton’s (I had to keep up with the superb level of my vegetarian diet).

But seriously, I kind of like this veggie diet, so I think I’ll keep it (for the most part).


Pictured: Beet Salad.  The Farm of Beverly Hills – Downtown LA.