Going Veggie: The Fake Meat Effect #30DaysofGOOD

20110609-054425.jpgLife and work took over, preventing me from updating my veggie adventure! But I am still on course! Last weekend, I went home to visit my parents. Having spent 7 years not eating red meat, a sister who was vegetarian for awhile, and coming from a Buddhist family that occasionally eats vegetarian, my parents (pictured below) just shrugged and said we’d go eat at a vegetarian restaurant.

This – as I suspected – ultimately became an adventure in fake meat. Fake meat does not just begin and end with tofurkey!

Vegetarian Wok Chinese Restaurant
529 E Valley Blvd. #128, San Gabriel, CA 91776

Some lunch special orders:
-Hot and Sour Soup
-“Shrimp” and Broccoli
-“Kidney”, Mushroom, and Basil
-Tofu in Black Bean Sauce

Honestly, all was fairly tasty except for the shrimp. Then again I think the photo can tell you that!