Glitz & Glamour: Blogger Prom 2010

Blogger Prom - @BusyBethF, Melissa, and Me
Blogger Prom - @BusyBethF, Melissa, and @intellichick (Photo by Heather Kincaid -

I am a firm believer that some of the best people in L.A. are the Los Angeles bloggers.  Granted, I could be a little bias.  But given how awesome an event last week’s Blogger Prom 2010 was (which was planned by a committee of bloggers), I think I have ample evidence that L.A. bloggers are the best people to party with!  The “Hollywood Confidential” theme was celebrated in full force by all in attendance and the beautiful Yamashiro Restaurant created the perfect atmosphere to turn the clock back to the glitz and glamour of silver screen Hollywood.  The night was also for a good cause – proceeds went to Operation Frontline: Los Angeles.  The donation page is still live for anyone interested in contrbuting to this worthwhile cause.  Below are some featured photos of the evening.  In addition to the glamour, there was a ton of delectable food (so the hungry beware!):

Yamashiro View in Panorama
Upon arrival, we were taken away by Yamashiro's breathtaking view. I really appreciated the panoramic feature on my camera at this moment.
The Moon at Yamashiro
Yamashiro View: Moon Against the Sky
Yamashiro - Interior Courtyard
Yamashiro - Interior Courtyard - Where the Party Was Happening
BloggerProm - Tweetdeck
No Bloggerprom would be complete without the tech saavy. The Tweetdeck of @bloggerprom tweets and #bloggerprom hashtag-madness.
Rib Appetizer
Rib Appetizer - Yamashiro
My Cheese Plate
Delicious Cheese Plate - Courtesy of the Cheese Impresario (
Gourmet Tacos from Chef Brock of Yamashiro
Gourmet Tacos from Chef Brock of Yamashiro: Includes Miso-sake black cod, cabernet & Soy Braised short Rib, Hoisin Duck Confit with Black Plum Salsa, Kleweno Farm's Smoked Sausage with Maple-Black Pepper Aioli
Mini Cupcakes from Crumbs Bakeshop
Mini Cupcakes from Crumbs Bakeshop
Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich
Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich
Me and Melissa by the Courtyard
Invited my pal Melissa as my +1. Here we are dressed to the nine's 🙂
Me and Marni of
Met up with Marni (@happygomarni, among awesome others that night!


Yamashiro Night Panorama
Good Night: Yamashiro Night Panorama