Guerilla Public Service

My friend Julius shared this article on Facebook: “The Secret of L.A.’s 10-Year-Old Fake Freeway Sign”.  It tells the story of an artist that decided to take matters into his own hands and directly inform people of the 5 North – he found all the specs to make a sign and went up there and did so.  In addition to being a must-read article, it’s also a great message.  If something is wrong, make an effort to fix it.

While not as extraordinary an effort, I once made a sign to better inform people where the bathroom was at an event.  I had a piece of a paper, a pen, and no tape, so I strategically curled the paper and tucked in a railing so that it was visible and didn’t fall.  I know for a fact that one person saw it and knew where to go.  So maybe I didn’t redirect traffic appropriately on a Los Angeles freeway (that’s barring on miracle levels), but  I abide that sometimes the smallest effort makes the biggest difference in the world.