The Joy of Unfinished Business

old-stack-of-booksI have a stack of books I have yet to read. I have a stack of CDs that I have yet to listen to (and two trips to Amoeba in one week – friends wanted to go, I swear – probably didn’t help).

But casting my occasional eye on these stacks, knowing that they exist waiting to be conquered – and let’s face it folks, I’ve never not had a stack of books waiting to be read – actually makes me feel good.

There are times when business left unfinished is no good. I work in business. I have deadlines. I know the deal.

But there is a joy to unfinished business where the potential for joy is so obvious.  I see in books yet to be read and music yet to be listened to as hope – for that perfect sentence, for that new story, for that song that becomes the “new favorite” song.

The most important thing to remember about unfinished business like this is that the joy is in rediscovering them and finishing something.  So don’t just look at them and say “some day soon” and look away.

Every once in awhile,  say “today”.