A Song A Day: Dangerous

Kardinal Offishall
Kardinal Offishall

Song #17 Kardinal Offishall’s Dangerous

Why I Picked It: This was actually the song pick yesterday, but Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive anniversary won out.  I was going to pick it yesterday because it’s
1) fun to dance to
2) has some great lyrics
3) …and hey, every girl wants to feel a little bit dangerous. 😉

Why I Like It: I’m a big fan of same verb and different perspectives in a sentence (hey – I majored in English) which can be found in this song:

I can’t help but to notice you, noticing me.

It’s also one of those songs where the lyrics made me take pause because I wasn’t sure what the reference to “Jessica P.” was – which actually relates to the later reference to Sex and the City – as in Sarah Jessica Parker.

But what I love about the Sex and the City reference is how the song flows to:

Sex and the City-ity- Itty bitty waist-line, moves to the bass line.

…and as referenced in third item:

The girl is so dangerous
The girl is so dangerous
The girl is a bad girl…