La Vida de Caridad: The Cricket I

Mulan & Crickee - That's how I looked trying to find the cricket
Mulan & Crickee - That's how I looked trying to find the cricket

The day after I got 3 hours of sleep (see The Girl with the Red Katana) and worked a 10-hour day, I came home to realize there was a cricket in my apartment.  I had suspected as much when I woke up that morning hearing some chirping, but on 3 hours of sleep and the radio on, it all kind of blends in.

But there was no doubt about it when I walked into my apartment around eight pm: there was a distinct sound of chirping.

I followed the sound to my window where the air conditioning unit was and wondered where it could be.  With my gray carpet, it was hard to tell, so I turned on my extra light in the corner.

It was sitting plainly by the air conditioner, as if saying “hey, I’m easy to catch.”

What a tease.

I grabbed a small plastic cup from my kitchen to see that it only roamed a little bit further away.  The problem with catching crickets of course is that they jump.  So after a couple of attempts with a small cup and it jumping, I saw that I needed to change tactics.

So I found a larger square tupperware and had an Aha! moment where I caught it.  Then I went about trying to find something to slide underneath so I could take it outside.  I came back with a thick paper ad only to watch it crawl underneath the tupperware right before my eyes.

The rug it had been on wasn’t straight, so there was an opening under neath.  In hindsight, I could have possibly used the rug as the bottom containment of the insect, but things always look prettier in retrospect, don’t they?

After a failed attempt to get it underneath the tupperware again (it jumped) I looked for a taller piece of tupperware.  By this time, it had crawled underneath my bed and I was on my hands and knees looking for it.

Eventually I saw it near my bed headboard, crawling up the wall.

So I waited…and watched…

This cricket had the largest antennae I have ever seen!

Eventually it slipped off the wall and fell back down to the floor near my collection of musical instruments – an amp and two ukuleles.

I walked over to grab the plastic container and wait, but then it was gone.

Totally gone.  I couldn’t see it anywhere.

So I turned off my main computer with the heavy sounding fan and sat in the silence of the room, working on my laptop, waiting to hear it sing.  Mind you, I’m exhausted.  I was running on 3 hours of sleep and had just come home from work an hour earlier.

By the time I was on my hands and knees crawling around looking for the thing, I wanted to just fall asleep on my apartment floor.

Eventually my exhaustion got the better of me and  I went about the evening, figuring I’d hear it eventually.  I took a shower, made myself some tea, wrote a blog post, updated my status on twitter.

When I did hear it, I knew exactly where it was: behind the maze of wires by my TV and the computer attached to it.

And so I resigned.

The cricket won.

Maybe it fell in love with my computer, and who was I to get in the way of true love?

I just hope he realizes my computer’s name is Beowulf.


Updated:  This story has a part two!  Read it here.