La Vida de Caridad: The Cricket II

The Trap
The Trap

You know when you live life and suddenly something just appears?  Something you’ve been waiting for and let slip from your mind?

I wish this post was about the appearance of something great, like love or an inheritance or the cure to a health problem, but I’ll take what I can get.

Despite the zaniness of yesterday (See La Vida de Caridad: The Cricket), that’s exactly what happened with the cricket.

I was working from home all day, occasionally annoyed at the chirping coming from my tv.  At one point, I pulled my TV cart out and stared evilly at the mess of cords that I couldn’t see beyond, sighed, and then pushed the TV cart back.

But the evening rolled around and I glanced over to the right and saw this tiny bug sitting on my grey carpet, as if saying “Hello.  You’ve been looking for me?”

It wasn’t like I was able to catch it right then and there.  There was a couple of close- calls, some jumping, a few minutes of waiting, and finally a stare down.

Finally, I was able to get it in my trap: Tupperware and my clipboard with Monet’s Woman with a Parasol.

I let it go in the parking lot in the back to the chorus of chirping crickets in the evening.

Maybe I let it go to find true love.