A Song A Day: 99 Times

I’ve often wondered if I could do one of those – write a post every day.  To be sure, I do *write* every day, but I don’t think I’ve ever made a conscious effort to write something every day on a blog.  But since I listen to music every day and I have 5207 songs on my ipod Edna (named after Edna St. Vincent Millay), how about I write about a song every day?  What I choose depends on my mood.

So Song #1 Kate Voegele’s 99 times.

Why I Picked It: I was listening to it when I decided to start this, but also because it’s probably my favorite song off of her most recent album A Fine Mess.

Why I Like It:  Lyrically it’s a great song.  The chorus is catchy with it’s reverberation of “99 times”.  It captures a perfect point where the character in the song is at odds.  She’s “back again for more” and “this is war”, because she wants to “[get] out tonight/and [he’s] not invited”.  I love the part in the opening where she talks about him as if he were a song – “your song is in my head/this is war”.