Memories & Accomplishments:

Oompah Lumpia Logo I’ve been traipsing around memory lane lately – writing stories, meeting old friends again (gotta love the internet!), and slowly creeping upon that 10-year high school reunion.  I’ve also been thinking about accomplishments, fulfilling things I’ve always said that I would do.  Last night – silly as it sounds – I finally got to see Britney Spears in concert (how’s that for nostalgia?).

So while I’ll probably never be able to be a pop star sensation that I secretly have always wanted to be (guess it’s not a secret anymore?),  in the vein of music, a few years ago I did managed to cross off my list something even better!  I sang lead in a band!

So here’s to memories (and I’m hoping to egg some original members to start this up again) and accomplishments.  The website for Oompah Lumpia – the band with one gig (so far) – and fun times always. | Oompah Lumpia – “It’s Not Fair”