Rediscovering “Philosophical Thoughts…”

A year or so ago, I was compiling a list of “philosophical thoughts”.  Just adages or musings I had over the course of time.  I discovered them recently in my move – a printed paper that I used to have on my wall that, for whatever reason lost in time, I removed.  But in reading them again, I found that I agreed with almost all of them.  I bolded my favorites:

1.  You can’t change anyone. When you think you’ve changed someone, it’s really because they themselves want to change.

2.  You can’t put your expectations of yourself onto anyone else and expect them to abide by them because the only person who understands those expectations is you.

3. You never truly understand anyone, even yourself.

4. You can only give someone what you have to give, and if that’s not enough, then there’s nothing you can do.

5. Sometimes you can’t choose who you love, but most definitely you can’t choose who loves you.

6. Love with your whole heart because love is too special to be worth only half an effort.

7. Don’t fear to dream because when you dream there are no risks and you learn to hope.

8. Never underestimate your intelligence, but when your intuition says your heart is wiser than your intellect, listen to your heart.

9. Accept that life is full of uncertainties.  If you understand that they are a given in life then you will fear less and truly begin to live.

10.  You cannot change the things that you have done.  Accept that your past actions will always be as they were and value them for what they’re worth to who you are now and who you will be.

11. Related to 3.  No one else can truly understand what anything means to you.  Meaning is self-made and self-understood.

12.  Memory is as unique as the individual that holds it.  It is man’s best friend and worst enemy.  But remembering that no two people will ever remember anything in exactly the same way avoids in making other people your worst enemy (most of the time).

13.  Related to 6.  Love with all your heart because that is the best way to let someone go.

14.  You are worth more than you can ever understand; and somewhere out there, someone understands.

15.  You don’t change for love.  Love changes you.