Closing Doors

I often joke that the lives of my friends fall into types of tv shows and my two living situations the last 7-8 years are no exception to this.  I would best label it a dramedy – just life unfolding.  So if yesterday was any indication of this label, it definitely felt like a series finale.

It wasn’t until around 11:30pm that we finished closing down the townhouse.  We swept, vacuumed, scrubbed, and mopped the entire place as best you can after living in it for four years.  It was a story of revolving third roommates and a “domestic partnership” (since Serena and I have been roommates since sophomore year of college).  Each of us had our own distinct places to go to – journeys to continue on.  And like all series finales, we had our guest stars: our friend/temporary third roommate Steven helping with the cleaning madness, all parents making their appearances, and phone appearances by characters from the college series that caused our townhouse spin-off.

And in some moment of scriptness, there was the empty house and finally turning off that porchlight (that everyone always forgot to turn off) one last time.

But unlike tv shows, life goes on and we continued on to Fred 62 and late-night dining and bossa nova desserts.  And isn’t the continuity the best?