Moving In

Sans pots and pans, dishes, files, and some clothing, I am more or less moved into my studio apartment.  Already, it has been quite the adventure.   I have had to tackle the following in the last few days:

  • An odd smell which – in my paranoia – I feared was hidden mold!  Turns out it was merely the need for air to circulate in my new apartment.  Opened up windows for a couple of hours and voila!  It now smells like Air Wick’s Morning Bliss.
  • …except for the slight gas smell of my stove.  I apparently have been severely spoiled in my previous living arrangements of new places and awesome roommates.  This stove doesn’t even have a clock and it involves things like pilot lights.  I’m still waiting for resolution on that one – what is a baker like me supposed to do?!!
    • Fearing death by gas, I called the manager when I had the slight gas smell who assured me that it was merely the pilot light running.
    • Then realizing my stove did not work, it was suggested to me to call SoCalGas – who graciously accommodated me day of my call, so long as I left work early to get home by five pm.  Apparently that meant I was supposed to wait until 8:36pm for them to arrive and – subsequently trying to get things in order in my previous living situation – miss them completely.
    • Called manager.  Issue still pending.
  • Before I moved in, I had electrical issues.  My outlets in the kitchen and bathroom were kaput.  I tried my breaker box to no avail.  Called manager, who got them to work, but never didn’t call to tell me it was working.  But hey – I’m not going to argue.

I read on that living on my own for at least a year was something a woman needed to do before she got married (not sure I want to do everything on that list!), and I’m of the mind that this is true.

I’ve never quite had this much space before and I’ve never had to make so many responsible decisions before – like setting up utilities and deciding what I wanted to pay all by myself.  But things to figure out, right?

And to end on a positive note:

  • My neighbor across the hall seems uber-nice.
  • I love this apartment and am enjoying decorating.
  • I have set up a pretty decent media center.
  • Wrangled a good basic internet service deal from AT&T.
  • And despite watching a lot of Num3ers, I’m looking forward to less real-time/DVR TV and more writing.