Public Transit: Washington DC – Initial Impressions

Subway Terminal in Washington DC (They all look the same)
Subway Terminal in Washington DC (They all look the same)

Have you ever had one of those days that ended the way it began – at least it feels like it? I totally had one of those days today, except I began on one coast (taking the subway and the bus) and ended up on the other coast in a similar way (taking the bus then the subway).

Per my LAX Flyaway post this morning, I began my day with the Red Line and a Flyaway bus to the airport (subway, bus). I ended my trip with a bus (5A) from Dulles Airport. There are other vehicles from the airport, but this was the one I was told to take and it’s pretty handy. I was supposed to meet my sister at Rosslyn Station, but got really confused (the driver switched the name over only when we arrived) so I ended up at L’Enfant Plaza. But this wasn’t all bad.

I crossed over the Potomac River, which totally made up for being lost, because honestly – as dorky as it sounds – I was pretty excited.  It’s a place/phrase, I grew up learning about without a true sense of place/space.  It was even better than the time I saw out into the Mississippi – ok, maybe about even.

And I ended up having to take the subway on my own.  Well I didn’t have to because apparently I could have met up with my sister at L’Enfant, but her message didn’t get to me.  So I learned all by myself that I could get to the Smithsonian and to the National Mall.

I have to say I totally approve of the subway system in Washington DC…so far.  I mean, I’ve only used it twice.  The system is fairly intuitive.  What I was really confused about, however, was the purchasing of the fares.  But where there is direction and money – there is always complication.  I think I’m in the perfect place for that stated revelation.

Tomorrow: Monuments and Museums of DC.  Weather?  Cloudy with a slight chance of rain. :-/