Efficient: Facebook – Events and Lightboxes

I kind of hesitated writing “efficient” and “facebook” next to each other, but there are a few changes to facebook I have liked (and I’m kind tired of being a ‘negative nancy’ – where does that phrase come from? all the nancy’s i know aren’t negative – ’cause I’m generally pretty chipper).  The thing that striked me recently  that I liked was when I created an event listing.


When I finished creating an event.  The process of creating the event itself is quite annoying.  As I do work for an event-related website, I’m a big fan of “add event/create your event” buttons and links.  But wait this was supposed to be positive…

Okay.  So once you get through the process of adding an event, when you look at the guest list of attending, maybe attending, etc., it now appears in a light box.

Facebook - Event Guest List Light Box
Facebook - Event Guest List Light Box

If you’re an admin, you can easily click “Make Admin” button beside the person and authorize that they become an admin.  So simple and concise.