Inefficient: Facebook – Rearranging the Home Page Side Bar

Screenshot: Facebook Sidebar (4/07/09)
Screenshot: Facebook Sidebar (4/07/09)

Now added to my “Inefficient” Web Commentary* series is Facebook.  Facebook recently underwent a design change that caused quite the uproar with its users (not that it stops them from using the service, but like the current theme, we do somehow seem okay with living life with a marginal amount of dysfunction and a healthy dose of hope – or ability to complain).   In any case, this series will just be about things I think would make Facebook work more efficiently.  We will start with something I noted today about the Home Page.

I could go on about the insanity of the Friend Feed, but I’m not as bothered by it.  What I want to focus on is the sidebar.  See the screenshot to the left.  It’s a lot of stuff and I’ve even cut out like four boxes from my “highlights”.  I don’t really mind that they’re telling me all this stuff.  What I do mind is that I can’t tell them how important this stuff is to me.

If I had my way, I’d order it
1) Requests
2) Events
3) Highlights and
4) “People You May Know”.

I understand entirely not being able to move the advertisement (they have to make money, right?).

What bothers me a bit is that it’s not like Facebook doesn’t let me do this in other places:

Facebook Profile - Moving Boxes
Facebook Profile - Moving Boxes

For now, I guess setting the precedence of my Fluff Friend is about all the power I have.

Next Inefficient: Facebook?  Profile Feed.


*To be fair, I will have some “Efficient” posts up.  Found one I really liked today on facebook actually.