Kelly McGonigal on TED Global 2013

Video: How to make stress your friend (TED Global)

Here's a great TED video to flip our thinking on stress. I think we're too often told that stress is bad, when - really - I find that stress can really be helpful in making things happen. Kelly McGonigal goes into some great facts and research in this TED video (also embedded below), but my favorite quote from this is what she says at the end of her talk: thing we know for certain is that chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort.  -cct Read more [...]
Kickstarter: Princess Charming - Unlocked Princesses

Kickstarter Project Shout-Out: Princess Charming

Writer Josh Roby teams up with Illustrator Anna Kreider to give girls a different kind of Charming. The campaign has had some great forward motion, unlocking the princess designs shown above! And if you're thinking very sarcastically to the rest of the world - You mean princesses can come in different shapes and sizes and ethnic backgrounds?! - I'm there with you. Read more [...]

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